Spacious room in trendy Dalston
Private Room, Apartment- 26 Ritson Road,London,

Extra bedroom and bathroom in a 2 bed flat, minutes from the several overground stations and bus connections in Dalston.

What's Included

Additional Facilities

    0.5 miles from Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland

We are happy to share bread, milk, tea, coffee, etc. However, if you do finish any one of these please do replace it (there is a Co-op and Sainsbury close by).

We are a non-smoking and a vegetarian household. We'd appreciate it if our guests respected this by not smoking indoors or preparing/bringing back non-vegetarian food (this includes fish, white meat and red meat).

We would appreciate our guests leaving the room and the house as they found it.

Thank you!

Check-In Time 06:00 PM
Check-Out Time 07:00 PM
Cancellation Policy  

Full refund on cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to Check In date. For cancellations made less than 24 hours before Check In date, cost equivalent to one night's stay will be charged and the balance amount will be refunded. Service Fees are non-refundable.

Your host, Reva!

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Double room

Other Type BED & Shared BATHROOM



Charge per additional Guest